25 years later

Welcome to this site that I’ve built to cover my “40 minutes with Nirvana”. It’s been almost 25 years now, so I felt it would be appropriate to release every single bit of material I have of that day and share the pieces I have to share.

But let me begin with how it all came about. In November 1991, I was a twenty-two-year-old fanzine writer from Berlin who didn’t have his interviews organized by record labels. Instead, I waited in the concert halls for the bands to arrive to do their soundchecks and ask them personally. This was also how the Nirvana interview happened. When I explained who I was, Kurt agreed without hesitation and the interview started right away. Taking the photos afterwards was also very easy. Kurt in particular even seemed to enjoy posing for some of them.

There’s nothing really “sensational” to reveal about this encounter. What stands out, though, is that even as the life of Nirvana was beginning to become complicated, there was still a friendly atmosphere around the band and Kurt didn’t feel he had to prove anything when meeting someone who was a writer but also part of his fanbase. I’m aware that, during that same time period, first difficulties occurred when it came to dealing with the mainstream media. However, even two years later, Kurt remained a man of integrity who would still talk to fanzines and support unknown bands that he loved.

As you can see at the top of this page, this site consists of six sub-sections. Feel free to click the yellow buttons above to read the interview, an early list of Kurt’s favourite albums and see the complete photo session with my additional comments.

Gilbert Blecken, July 2016