Photos 1-10

Twenty photos of Nirvana in the exact order I took them back in November 1991. These are very high-resolution images, so click them to enlarge.

kurt-cobain-nirvana-1991-by-gilbert-blecken-1When I met Nirvana in November 1991, it was only the third time I had used a camera flash. On this first photo of Kurt, I was just checking if it worked. As you can see, it didn’t.


Camera flash now working.


This is one of very few photos showing Kurt while he was writing, and I’m glad I captured the moment. Funnily enough, nobody ever seems to have wondered what exactly Kurt was writing, even though that question could have been answered very easily. Right after the interview had finished, I asked Kurt to write down a list of his ten favourite albums and he began right away. When he gave me the list (you can see it here), he explained that he made a list of eleven because he felt he had to namecheck Mudhoney.


A photo that amuses me everytime I see it. Dave is holding one of those children’s chocolate surprise eggs to his ear to have a guess what’s in it. One of the small number of pictures here that was previously unreleased.


Kurt still busy writing his list (another previously unpublished photo).


This was the first photo of Kurt looking straight into the camera. I guess it shows neither of us was ready yet, the good photos were still to come.


Now that Dave has finally unwrapped his surprise egg, he dedicates himself to his new favourite toy.


Even being humble about it, I think it’s fair to say that this picture has gained a degree of popularity over the years. It wasn’t arranged by me in any way, this was Kurt reacting spontaneously.


Probably the most intense photo I took of Kurt. David LaChapelle chose this photo as one of two Kurt photos for a collage used as the millennium edition cover of Rolling Stone Magazine in 1999.


The first of just two single shots I took of Krist.

Ten photos taken by Gilbert Blecken on 10 November 1991 in Berlin. Click here to see images 11-20.