Photos 11-20

Twenty photos of Nirvana in the exact order I took them back in November 1991. These are very high-resolution images, so click them to enlarge.


Dave allowing himself a cigarette.


Quite obviously the best Dave photo of this session.


I suppose you can call this another test photo (which is also the reason it was previously unreleased). I wanted to take a picture of the whole band, but started by taking one of Krist and Dave alone before Kurt rejoined us.


How many people do you see in this picture? The answer is actually four, because if you look very close, you can see a little football sticker on the wall left over from the World Cup of 1990. I wouldn’t swear on it, but if I remember correctly, this is German player Lothar Matthäus.


A side shot of Kurt.


I can’t remember what Krist saw there, but he sure looks a bit frightened.


Unspectacular photo of Dave.


Alright, I’ll admit it. This picture was arranged by me. When I took it, I was just thinking back to the other photo showing Kurt waving to the camera. I knew this had been a strong image but was worried Kurt might have blinked when I took it. This is why I asked him to do the same thing once again and he agreed. Definitely one of my favourites, his face looks so sensitive here.


This one looks even more like photo 8 on the first page and so, until now, I’ve kept it unreleased. I’m not sure if that was the right decision, decisions like these are probably best made by others.


A lot of people only know the upper part of this picture, which has always annoyed me a bit, because if you only know it without the hand, you simply can’t understand that this was actually a fun photo. Right after I had taken photo 19, I had packed my things already and wanted to say goodbye to Kurt. But then Kurt came from the buffet holding an egg with caviar on it and asked to be photographed with it. Of course I didn’t hesitate. I got my camera out of the bag again and took this picture of an only seemingly confused Kurt. I am glad to present it here exactly the way it was intended to look because it proves that, beside all the anger and depression, Kurt also had a great sense of humour.

Ten photos taken by Gilbert Blecken on 10 November 1991 in Berlin. Click here to see images 1-10.